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Prayer Diary

JUNE 2017

1 - Pray for the Work & Maintenance Team at Kompas Park this week; for stamina and energy to complete the necessary tasks.

2 - Pray for all the children who have finished school for the summer and will be helping their families with household jobs and the harvest.

3 - Pray for wisdom for the Directors as they consider the applications received for the appointment of a new CEO.

4 - Pray for the churches in Ukraine on this Pentecost Sunday.

5 - Pray for all the students of the Cherkassy School of Biblical Studies; that they would be able to use their knowledge in their individual ministries.

6 - Pray for the Day Centre for the Disabled; that funding would be found to enable the young people to learn practical skills.

7 - Pray for our foster parents that they would have patience in bringing up vulnerable and traumatised children.

8 - Pray for Alla at the start of this summer season that all camps will run smoothly and many would respond to the Good News they hear.

9 - Pray for the Cerebral Palsy and Hard-of-Hearing Camps this month; that those with disabilities will have a good break from their normal routine; pray also for those who will be supporting them at the camps.

10 - Pray for Brenda as she takes the services at North Baddesley tomorrow.

11 - Give thanks for Ksenya and for her translating skills; particularly as she celebrates her birthday today.

12 - Pray for Anastasiia as she trains a young team to lead Kid's Camps throughout the summer months; that many children would hear and believe the Good News.

13 - Give thanks that 'The Nest' continues to be a place of welcome and safety for those with nowhere else to go.

14 - Pray for the UK and Ukrainian staff teams as they work together to make a difference in people's lives.

15 - Pray for Jon speaking at Romsey Baptist Church today.

16 - Give thanks for the recent meetings with British Ukrainian Aid and other agencies that together we may be able to help those who are suffering in the East of the country.

17 - Give thanks for the Hospitality Centre and pray that many would benefit from the facilities provided.

18 - Pray for Jon as he takes the services at Durrington Community Church today.

19 - Pray for Larisa as she oversees the Ray of Hope (visually-impaired) Group; that all new people coming to the group will find real hope.

20 - Pray for Valerii Petrochenko and the work he does with disabled people.

21 - Pray for the many village churches who run summer programmes in their local area; that many village children will attend. Give thanks for those of our sponsored students who help at these camps.

22 - Give thanks for our happy team of volunteers as they come in today for the monthly mailout.

 23 - Give thanks for Farms Lanka's successful Mission to Orissa and pray for all those they were able to help.         

 24 - Pray for our sponsored student Tanya Motornaya celebrating her birthday today.

25 - Pray for peace in Ukraine.     

26 - Pray for the many older people who find life hard; pray they will have sufficient to eat and their gardens will produce good crops.

27 - Give thanks for Natalia and Zozulenka and pray for them as they continue to practise throughout the summer.

28 - Pray for the students whose courses are ending; that they can find good jobs and live an independent life.

29 - Pray for Misha and his extra driving commitments during the summer; for safety in each journey travelling to and from the airport; and for Lena as she celebrates her birthday today.

30 - Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund. 


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