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Prayer Diary


1 - Pray for the UK office staff in the many and varied roles they do, as the next few months continue to be very busy.

2 - Pray for the volunteers travelling to Kompas Park today for the first week of Widows’ Camp.

3 - Pray for Jon taking the service today at Union Church, Hunstanton.

4 - Pray for Vic Jackopson and the family as they adjust to life without Sue.

5 - Pray for all our students who have finished their courses, that they would know God’s leading in the next stage of their lives.

6 - Give thanks for the safe arrival of Amelia Grace White, a daughter to Jon and Rachel.

7 - Pray for the children and staff at the Day Centre in Crasnaseni, Moldova, that each child would feel loved and safe, and the staff would know how best to help them.

8 - Pray for Clarence Mendis and the Farms Lanka Team as they visit Nepal to support and encourage the churches there.

9 - Pray for the volunteers travelling today for the second week of Widows’ Camp, and for those from week 1 who will be returning home. Pray, too, for Jon White as he takes part in the New Forest 10k run today.

10 - Pray for Jon preaching at Christchurch, Worthing today.

11 - Give thanks for all the donations of aid we receive, and for the financial contributions which means we can send many boxes to Ukraine.

12 - Pray for Jon in his busy schedule that he would have wisdom in all decisions he has to make, and also have some time to rest and relax.

13 - Give thanks for the first children’s camp at Hristinivka Village, and pray that there will be the opportunity again next year.

14 - Pray for the children at the Rescue Shelter. Give thanks for the staff who care for them.

15 - Pray for Alla, Ksenya and all those who have been at Kompas Park throughout the summer, that they will take time to rest.

16 - Pray for Jon taking both services at Ashley Baptist Church tomorrow.

17 - As the final teams leave Kompas Park this weekend, give thanks for a summer of many camps, and pray that all who heard the Good News will want to know more.

18 - Pray for Brenda as she speaks to the folk at Fairhavens tomorrow.

19 - Pray for the Board Meeting this evening; for unity among the Directors in all decisions.

20 - Pray for Valerii Petrochenko, his daughter Katya, and her husband, Dima, as they work with the disabled. Give thanks for recent camps and the provision of a team to lead the many children who attended

21 - Pray for Jon as he travels to Ukraine today; for a safe journey and wisdom in all meetings.

22 - Give thanks for Svieta who works in the Ukraine office and does much of our translating; pray she will have a wonderful day as she celebrates her birthday.

23 - Pray for Jon White speaking at ‘The Big Community Brunch’ Event at All Saints, Milford today, the youth at St Saviour’s Church, Brockenhurst tomorrow, and Father’s House Church, Shaftesbury on Tuesday.        

 24 - Pray for peace in Ukraine.

25 - Pray for Anastasiia that as she visits many poor families she would know how best to help those in desperate situations.     

26 - Pray for the Directors as they consider the applications for the role of CEO.

27 - Pray for Natalya and Zozulenka as they prepare for their UK Tour next month.

28 - Give thanks for our happy team of volunteers as they come in today for the monthly mailout.

29 - Give thanks for the “We are Different” Group for autistic children. Pray for families in Ukraine who are caring for a child with autism.

30 - Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund.

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