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Prayer Diary


1 - Give thanks for the recent Medical Mission which highlighted the many medical needs there are in Ukraine. Pray we will be able to help with the many requests.

2 - Pray for the Rescue Shelter where vulnerable children are cared for. Give thanks for the Director, Myrislava, as she oversees the work there.

3 - Pray for the Ukrainian and UK office staff during the busy summer months.

4 - Pray for Jon as he travels to Ukraine today to arrange visas for the Zozulenka group ready for their UK tour in October/November.

5 - Pray for a safe journey for the team travelling back from the TEFL camp today.

6 - Pray for Alla and the staff at Kompas Park (cooks, KP nurse, cleaners etc) as they welcome new visitors every week.

7 - Pray for Larisa as she leads the Ray of Hope Group; give thanks for the recent camp they enjoyed by the seaside.

8 - Pray for Dima and Katya (Petrochenko) as they are expecting their first child soon.

9 - Give thanks for the donations we have received to fund the cost of sending boxes of aid to Ukraine.

10 - Pray for all the local churches in Ukraine who organise summer events for local children and families, that many would hear the Good News.

11 - Give thanks for all our sponsored students and pray that each may know God's leading in their lives.

12 - Give thanks for all our Hope Now supporters and pray for those whose health is not good.

13 - Give thanks for the recent camps at Kompas Park for disabled people. Pray they will continue to experience God's love and care in their lives.

14 - Pray for the Children's Camp at Kompas Park this week. Give thanks for the Ukrainian volunteers who help run this camp.

15 - Pray for Ksenya as she leads activities for the different camps and looks after many needy children.

16 - Pray for Jon White and his wife, Rachel, that as baby arrives they adjust to family life.

17 - Pray for Jon as he travels to Sri Lanka today to visit Farms Lanka and see the devastation caused by the recent flooding. Pray, too, for the planning of a future Dental Mission to Sri Lanka in partnership with Dentaid.

18 - Give thanks for all those who took part in our Youth Fundraising Event, 2 Million Steps, raising funds and awareness for the Refugees in Ukraine

19 - Pray for Anastasiia as she runs Kid's Camps throughout the summer months and visits poor families.

20 - Pray for Valerii Petrochenko and the work he does with disabled people.

21 - Pray for the visually-impaired camp this week; for those attending to feel valued and loved.

22 - Pray that Refugees fleeing from the East will find safety and help in Cherkassy. Give thanks for the Hospitality Centre and the children's 'Awana' club that meets there.

 23 - Pray for a safe journey for Jon as he travels back from Sri Lanka tomorrow.         

 24 - Give thanks for our happy team of volunteers as they come in for the mailout today.

25 - Pray for children in the internats (orphanages) during the summer months as many will have gone to stay with relatives.     

26 - Pray for peace in Ukraine.

27 - Pray for Jon as he celebrates his birthday today; also for June Mordey (87 today!); and for Victor Kusimov.

28 - Pray for the elderly and particularly those living alone, that they would have sufficient food from their gardens plus extra to store for the winter months.

29 - Pray for the Directors as they make decisions about the future of Hope Now

30 - Pray for Misha as he drives to and from the airport with volunteers for the camps; that each journey would be safe. 

31 - Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund. 

Hope Now International Head Office, Malvern Centre, Malvern Road, Southampton SO16 6PY Tel: +44 (0)23 8078 0720 Email: info@hopenow.org.uk
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