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Prayer Diary

JULY 2017

1 - Pray for Tanya Svets, one of our sponsored girls from Bethany House, as she gets married today.

2 - Pray for Jon preaching at Kingsclere today.

3 - Pray for Brenda speaking at Hollyhill Group, Southampton, tomorrow.

4 - Pray for Jon White speaking at Waltham Chase Methodist Church Youth Group this evening.

5 - Pray for Jon as he travels to Ukraine today with Dr Bethan Read for a Medical Mission. Pray for wisdom in assessing the many needs and who Hope Now can help.

6 - Pray for the Sidenkos and their ministry with the Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf people; give thanks for God's protection over Ludmila and pray she may know His leading for the next stage of her studies.

7 - Pray for the Rescue Shelter, for the children staying there and the staff caring for them. Give thanks for the many supporters who responded so quickly to our request for children's shoes.

8 - Pray for the Directors as they make decisions concerning the future of Hope Now.

9 - Pray for wisdom for the Ukrainian staff team as they decide who to invite to the Summer Camps.

10 - Give thanks for Ksenya and pray for her as she spends all summer at Kompas Park with the many different camps.

11 - Pray for the work of our prison chaplains, Anatolii Perepilitsa and Sasha Tereshenko, working with prison officers and ex-prisoners; pray also that funds would be found to repair the leaking roof of the prison church.

12 - Pray for our sponsored students over the summer break; and give thanks for their sponsors who support and encourage them.

13 - Give thanks for the Children's Day Centre in Crasnaseni, Moldova; pray that the children who come will find it a place of safety, and the staff will show love and care to all the children.

14 - Pray for the staff in the Southampton Office and the many and varied roles they do each day.

15 - Pray for Natalia Skirko and her husband and the ministry they have serving the children in their local area.

16 - Give thanks for the amazing response to our Urgent Appeal for funds for the Summer Camps at Kompas Park, and pray that many will hear and believe the Good News this summer.

17 - Give thanks for Farms Lanka and pray for safety and protection of their Manager, Clarence Mendis, and his staff as they assist the government in Disaster Relief.

18 - Pray for the Board Meeting and AGM this month; for unity among the Directors in all decisions

19 - Give thanks for the Ray of Hope Group for the visually-impaired; pray for Larisa as she organises and plans activities and trips for them.

20 - Pray for Valerii Petrochenko and the work he does with disabled people.

21 - Give thanks for the Hospitality Centre, where Refugees can get food, clothing and help. Pray for all those who have left everything behind because of the war in the East.

22 - Pray for families who have relatives serving in the army; pray particularly for children coming to the Summer Camps that the staff and volunteers will be sensitive to their situations.

 23 - Pray for Youth Development Worker, Jon White, as he celebrates his birthday today, and as he and his wife expect the soon arrival of their first child.         

 24 - Give thanks for all those who have volunteered to go to Kompas Park this year; from UK and Ukraine. Pray it will be an enriching experience for all.

25 - Pray for Anastasiia and her team as she organises many 'Kid's Games' Camps in the villages over the summer period.     

26 - Give thanks for Phoebe and the members of Cornerstone Church who supported her in her recent fundraising event.

27 - Pray for our happy team of volunteers as they come in today for the monthly mailout.

28 - Pray for our foster parents caring for children over the summer holidays.

29 - Pray for the TEFL camp at Kompas Park this week; give thanks for the team of volunteers travelling today and pray for safety and energy for the week

30 - Pray for peace in Ukraine. 

31 - Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund. 

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