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Prayer Diary

APRIL 2018

Sunday 1st - EASTER SUNDAY (UK). Matthew 28:6 “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said."

Monday 2nd - Pray for Anastasiia and her team of young missioners as they travel around the villages running Kid’s Camp.

Tuesday 3rd - Pray for our Ukraine staff as they adapt to changes in the leadership of Hope Now.

Wednesday 4th - Pray for Farms Lanka and the work Brother Clarence Mendis and his team do to help so many disadvantaged people. Pray for wisdom in how we can best help him with the work.

Thursday 5th - Pray for Larisa as she oversees the girls at our Pre-independence Homes, helping them to live independent lives.

Friday 6th - Pray for the children at the Rescue Shelter. May they all be found loving homes.

Saturday 7th - Pray for peace in Ukraine.

Sunday 8th - EASTER SUNDAY (UKRAINE). Pray for the Easter celebrations in Ukrainian churches today.

Monday 9th - Pray for Anatolii Perepelitsa and Sasha Tarasenko, our Prison Chaplains, as they support ex-prisoners and prison staff.

Tuesday 10th - Pray for Misha and Lena as they travel to the UK today for the Annual Weekend.

Wednesday 11th - Give thanks for all our faithful supporters and pray for those who are unwell at this time.

Thursday 12th - Give thanks for our Trustees and all the work they do for Hope Now.

Friday 13th - ANNUAL WEEKEND. Pray for a good time of fellowship for all the Hope Now supporters meeting together in Bournemouth this weekend. Pray, too, for the Board Meeting this afternoon.

Saturday 14th - ANNUAL WEEKEND. Pray for all those giving reports today and those leading the studies. Pray, too, for Jon as he hands over the role of CEO to Andrew at the end of this month.

Sunday 15th - ANNUAL WEEKEND. Pray for safe journeys home and that everyone who attended would be encouraged by the weekend.

Monday 16th - Pray that we would have full teams for all our Missions at Kompas Park this summer; give thanks for those who have already applied to go.

Tuesday 17th - Pray for Ksenya as she plans the activities for the children’s camps.

Wednesday 18th - Pray for Misha as he celebrates his birthday today.

Thursday 19th - Pray for Andrew speaking at Oasis, Locksheath today.

Friday 20th - Pray for the Ray of Hope Group for the visually-impaired, that they would be an encouragement to one another as they meet each month.

Saturday 21st - Pray for a safe journey for Misha and Lena as they return home today.

Sunday 22nd - Give thanks for the many small village churches and pray we can help to provide the equipment and resources they need to reach out to their communities.

Monday 23rd - Pray for the UK staff as they adapt to the changes in the office.

Tuesday 24th - Pray for Jon and Ali as they travel to Ukraine; and for Ali as she celebrates her birthday today.

Wednesday 25th - Give thanks for Valerie Reddaway as Hope Now’s representative for Church Planting and Equipping over the last ??? years as she steps down from this role.

Thursday 26th - Give thanks for our happy team of volunteers coming in for the mailout today; also give thanks for new volunteers who have joined the team.

Friday 27th - Pray for Valerii Petrochenko and his family as they work with special needs children in the Sunday School at School 16.

Saturday 28th - Pray for Brenda as she retires from full-time employment and takes on a part-time role as Hope Now’s accountant.

Sunday 29th - Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund.

Monday 30th - Pray for Andrew Foreman as he officially takes over the role of CEO tomorrow. Pray for Jon as he hands over the role.



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