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Prayer Diary


WEDNESDAY 1st Pray for Andrew, for wisdom and discernment in all the decisions he has to make.

THURSDAY 2nd Pray for the Hope Now Team at New Wine until 11th of August;  that there would be many interested visitors to the stand.

FRIDAY 3rd Give thanks for our couriers and pray for safety in travelling as they take boxes of aid to Cherkassy.

SATURDAY 4th Give thanks for our volunteers going to help at the Children’s Camp at Kompas Park this week; pray for safety in travelling and also for the TEFL Camp Team returning home today.

SUNDAY 5th Pray for peace in Ukraine.

MONDAY 6th Pray for Anastasiia and Yuriy as they adjust to family life while continuing their ministry in the villages.

TUESDAY 7th Pray for the Cherkassy School of Biblical Studies. Give thanks for the tutors and students and pray that the funds required would be available to continue the work.

WEDNESDAY 8th Pray for our foster families as they care for vulnerable  and traumatised children. Pray particularly for the Kharchenko family and the various difficulties they face.

THURSDAY 9th  Give thanks for Ksenya as she spends the summer months at Kompas Park working with different teams. Pray for renewed energy each week.

FRIDAY 10th Pray for Anatolii Perepelitsa and Sasha Tarasenko, our Prison Chaplains, as they support ex-prisoners and prison staff.

SATURDAY 11th Give thanks for the staff at Kompas Park this season - the cooks, cleaners, nurse etc.

SUNDAY 12th Pray for the children from the internats (orphanages) as many will have gone to stay with relatives over the summer. 

MONDAY 13th Pray for the staff in the UK and Ukraine offices as they carry out all the day to day jobs. 

TUESDAY 14th Pray for the Board Meeting this evening; for wisdom and unity in all decisions.

WEDNESDAY 15th Pray for the Childrens’ Rescue Shelter, that it may be a place of safety for vulnerable children.

THURSDAY 16th Pray for Yasnoziriia Village Church and their pastor, Sasha Perepilitsa, as they welcome many children from the local area.

FRIDAY 17th Pray for all those needing Medical help, that our funds would be sufficient.

SATURDAY 18th Pray for more invitations to speak about our work at different churches and groups.

SUNDAY 19th Pray for Alla, Director of Kompas Park, and all the responsibilities she has for many different camps.

MONDAY 20th Give thanks for our Ukrainian Co-ordinator, Larisa as she leads the Ray of Hope Group for the visually-impaired, and the work she does with students and the elderly. Pray that she and her team have the wisdom to know who to help.

TUESDAY 21st Give thanks for our Sponsored Students and pray they will do well in their studies and be able to get good jobs.

WEDNESDAY 22nd Hope Now is exhibiting at the Summer Festival ‘David’s Tent’ in West Sussex August 23rd - 28th. Pray for many people to visit the stand and be interested in our work.

THURSDAY 23rd Give thanks for our happy team of volunteers as they come in today for the monthly mailout.

FRIDAY 24th Pray for the elderly in the villages especially those living on their own, that they would be able to grow sufficient food in their gardens and have enough to store for the winter months.

SATURDAY 25th Pray for Clarence Mendis and the Farms Lanka team working in Sri Lanka. 

SUNDAY 26th Pray for Valerii Petrochenko and the work he does with the disabled, especially in School 16. 

MONDAY 27th Give thanks for all our supporters and pray for those who are unwell at this time.

TUESDAY 28th Give thanks for all our translators and the skills they have to help us communicate.

WEDNESDAY 29th Pray for the Ray of Hope Group for the visually-impaired as they meet monthly to encourage and support one another. 

THURSDAY 30th Pray for Brenda and the team travelling to Kompas Park on Saturday for Widow’s Camp Week 1.

FRIDAY 31st Pray that sufficient donations are given to the Mission Fund so that all commitments are covered in the Restricted Fund.

The Monthly Prayer Diary can also be found on the back page of our Newsletter here

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