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In the Bible we read that the apostle Paul came alongside Timothy, a young leader with a great task ahead of strengthening the church in Ephesus. Paul was someone to encourage Timothy, support him and run the race alongside him, helping him to grow into the maturity and fullness of Christ as he developed into the leader he was called to be (see 1 Timothy 4). This programme seeks to do the same in coming alongside a Christian leader in Ukraine at the start of their ministry, enabling them to flourish and further God’s kingdom in their community.

The Timothy Programme is an initiative set up to help Christian Leaders start and or expand their ministry, enabling more churches to grow and thrive in Ukraine.

Hope Now set up a Bible School in 2004 and has seen many individuals go out to serve the Lord as newly-qualified pastors with very little to start their ministry. Starting out as a minister in Ukraine is becoming harder and harder with increasing financial pressures.

Along with newly-qualified pastors, The Timothy Programme also aims to help:
· Pastors who voluntarily take on extra leadership roles in order to serve other churches and ministries
· Missionaries and pastors who are working to plant new churches

Our heart at Hope Now is to see new ministries flourish with leaders who are equipped to lead others closer to God and grow the work.

By being part of this initiative, you have an opportunity to see a church grow and help a ministry flourish. It’s a chance to journey with an individual and step out in faith with them as they go where God is calling them.

Through your partnership and link you’ll be able to receive regular updates, pictures and communication from the minister you sponsor. You’ll hear the encouragements, the breakthroughs and the amazing works that God is doing, while being directly part of that journey.

We’d like to invite you to pray about partnering with a Christian Leader in Ukraine for a term of 5 years. This is an opportunity that you could do individually, with your church, homegroup or family.

This is a unique opportunity to witness a ministry grow from the ground up, enhancing God’s kingdom and developing a relationship with a new church community in Ukraine.

The financial plan for the project is for support to decrease after three years, and then once again after four, as the pastor you support will have become more self-sufficient as the ministry grows. The financial support will conclude after the fifth year of giving.

Years 1-3 - £120/month
Year 4 - £90/month
Year 5 - £60/month

If you would like some more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Head Office on 02380 780720

Andrew Foreman

Hope Now International Head Office, Malvern Centre, Malvern Road, Southampton SO16 6PY Tel: +44 (0)23 8078 0720 Email: info@hopenow.org.uk
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