Bringing HOPE to all...

Summer Camps at Kompas Park

Every year throughout the summer Kompas Park is host to hundreds of children, young people and widows & widowers.

Camp Preparation Week

Do you have skills in decorating and DIY? This week is for the cleaning, maintenance and repair of Kompas Park in preparation for the summer visitors.

Camp Preparation Week

Children come to this camp to learn English, to learn about the Bible and to have fun. The children are age 9-16 and love meeting English people.

Village Camp Games

Childrens’ and Youth Camps

Children and young people come to these camps to have a wonderful holiday and to learn how much God loves them.

Widows‘ Camps

This camp is for older people – widows and widowers – who may never have had a holiday. A time of fun, friendship and learning about God.d

Camps for the Disabled

Hope Now also supports camps for people with disabilities – the visually impaired, the deaf and the physically disabled.

Kompas Park

Village Camps

Anastasiia runs camps in remote villages.

Short Term Service

If you are searching for a way to share your faith with others then perhaps a Summer Camp at Kompas Park could be for you!

Camps are a combination of games, craft and music activities, along with Bible teaching. UK team members work alongside Ukrainian leaders and interpreters. Contact the office to find out how you could be part of a team or download an application form here.